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Hi Steven! Interesting - I'm testing for 5th kyu in a few weeks and my test will be identical to yours except that we have to do morotedori kokyunage in addition to the four waza you listed.

My advice would be to practice them a few times to make sure you're comfortable with them, preferably in front of or with a friendly yudansha to make sure you're doing them correctly and finishing them appropriately. I discovered, for example, that my suwariwaza kokyu ho was incomplete - I wasn't turning to follow uke as he went over and completing the motion by blocking his hands from hitting upwards at my face. We didn't practice it that way in class and so I hadn't learned it.

That sort of thing would bite me in the butt come test day and I wanted to make sure I had it all worked out.

I also discovered that the bowing sequence for my test will be different than that we usually do in class. Again, a close call that would have hurt me at test time! <grin>

Just my $0.02...

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