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Justin McCarthy (justinm) wrote:
Let's take shihonage as an example.

At a slow (eg walking) speed, can uke escape from your shihonage by changing the speed? If so, I'd suggest there is a hole in the technique as it depends on speed work.

I think this hold true for many techniques, and am trying to figure out what, if any, are the exceptions, or if this is a wrong premis to start with.


But that's not the point. Part of training is for nage to match uke's speed. If uke startes out slow and then speeds up, it is more of a hole in uke's technique than nage's. If I had an uke that would speed up and then tell me that I had a "hole" in my technique, I would simply admonish him/her of the importance of doing the entire technique at the same speed.

In this particular instance, the issue isn't control as much as one person (uke) decides to break the training "agreement" for the purpose of "beating" nage.


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