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I also added to this thread and in response .. I believe the originator did the best thing possible for this situation.

The people whose ethics are in question would like nothing more than silence. If they were to get disiplined by the federation things would still be kept quiet. The thing that will do the most good is talk within the population.

and to infoseeker who posted on page 2 ... WHOOO HOO ! RIGHT ON!!!
How can they be disciplined by a federation they are not a part of? How can a federation they are part of not notice the missing dues and other fees?

By the way, I have no problem with it being aired out here. I may even have been too hard on the original anon but people tend to get stupid around sensei. This is not a sensei issue but a business issue. You should be able to walk up to whomever, lay it out line by line and get a straight up answer as to what is going to happen next. Since that is not happening it seems to me that a number of folks may be at fault on this one.
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