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Damn, a direct request for an opinion (whites of eyes now showing as he considers various aikiweb posters...). Ok, it's not so much with any particular technique I would suggest a need for fluidity (not speed as such, but blending) as to how direct you're wanting the technique to be.

Nice long movements enable you to be in control at most points in the technique and normally it's relatively easy to retain posture. But, they are too long to be of any use in a randori (sheo-nage springs to mind - yes I know you can contract it but it's still my least favourite for a tight situation).

The short sharp shock techniques (irimi-nages of most types, some tenchi-nage etc) where you want them to work with the smallest escape/movement possible need the fluidity, determination and accuracy to work - with or without atemi. If you stop a fast irmi-nage in order to test your own posture, all you'll have is your arm in a perfect position to have something nasty done to it.
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