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I have not had any luck contacting Wolk sensei, so before contacting Goldsbury sensei, I am planning on talking to Wolk sensei during summer camp the week of the 27th. I will be attending the entire camp, so hopefully I can find her ear for a few minutes.
Anonymous, with all due respect quit being a wimp. What is this crap about hopefully finding her ear for a few minutes? That's bullshit of the first order. It's not your job to prostrate yourself before the royalty within the USAF while pleading desperately for a merciful ear to your plight. It's their job to be available and to respond to these sorts of issues which I'm pretty sure they WANT to hear about.

In the first place, I'm assuming you've left detailed messages of your problem, they should have your phone ringing off the hook, or at least they would if they were worth a damn. At the very least someone else should be around to answer the damn phone or check the messages which you've surely been leaving, right, right? Secondly, contact Peter Goldsbury. I can think of no one, and I've never met him, who I would more want on my side over this issue. He's diplomatic beyond belief, at least on the net so I presume in person as well, and he's a direct line to the principle.

Quit screwing around, and passively whining out here, while hoping someone will hear your pleas and resolve the problem for you. Get it moving and dump this one into Yamada's lap where it belongs.
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