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I have recently started training again after a 32 year absence. I had studied for a couple of years in my teens under Walker Sensei at the YMCA then. I earned 3rd kyu under a 5 kyu system. The reason I left Aikido was a move to a town without Aikido.

I had been walking past a dojo in the the town I am currently in and finally stopped in. This dojo has a 7 kyu system and a different syllabus. The Aikido is good here or I would not be here. I am of course starting over again. What else would you do after a 32 year absence. I just tested for the 7th kyu at the new dojo. While I know more than others think I do not know as much as "I think I know". I am reminded every time I get on the mat. Every one has something to point out to help me. I listen to them and take for what I think it is worth after all averyone has something to contribute. When I am told I am doing something wrong I nod and go on because I might just be doing the technique differently. So I guess I am a stealth white belt but I just try to be humble and train.

Jerry Miller
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