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Smile Stealth white belts

I have been very slow about testing, so I wear a white belt, even though I should probably have graduated to a colored belt some time ago. It's always interesting when working with someone new, who assumes that I am newer than I actually am.

Sometimes I get some well-intentioned advice. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's infuriating; however, I usually try very hard to listen to it and try to apply it. Usually I do learn something from it, or it reminds me to do something that I could put a little more emphasis on.

Anyway, it was kinda funny a couple nights ago. I am a slightly stealth white belt, there was another guy there who has been coming for ages and could probably be shodan, but still wears a white belt. One of the yudansha had forgotten her kit so she was wearing a borrowed white belt. Same with a 2kyu, who normally wear brown belts at our school. And there was another 2kyu there who wears a hand-me-down brown belt, which is so faded that it looks like a slightly dirty white belt.

So be warned, sometimes appearances can deceive.

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