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tedehara wrote:
from "Angry White Pajamas" by Robert Twigger pg.94

Kancho (Kancho Sensei - Refers to Gozo Shioda, Yoshinkan founder) claimed that one of his most significant insights came while watching a goldfish swim through a group of fish coming towards it. The goldfish never retreated, relying instead on its ability to move from side to side but always keeping forward momentum. That is why there are no backwards steps in aikido....
I was surprised that ...there are no backwards steps in aikido. since the style I practice has a specific exercise for moving backwards. Still, I recall seeing a style that its practioners didn't seem to move backwards.

Does your style use only forward motion, or does it have exercises and ways to step backwards?
My style has heavy influence on judo and karate so there are naturally backward steps. I doubt that aikido has no backward stepping. You should never limit your range of movement.

I think what Shioda was implying was the way aikidoka can manouver around opponents. If you every watch him do tatsunin randori (against 10 people) you will see him ducking, weaving, spinning and stepping back.

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