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Seth Jackson
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Kokyu dosa / Tips for extension

Our Sensei usually ends up class with a Kokyu dosa session. I would like to get some input from you guys on what is going on with you during this practice. Now as far as ki extension it is completely obvious to me when I uke for my sempai and when I uke for a student closer to my own level. With the other students I am grabbing onto an arm, feels like an arm. With our instructors on the other hand its like latching on to an iron bar hooked to a hydraulic press. In kokyu dosa practice we are working on this extension and I could really use some ideas as to what is going on physically and mentally when you practice extension. Sometimes I get uke's center and then when I try to duplicate it its a no go. I have have been told to think of holding a ball and moving it over, think of moving my bones but I am still not getting anything I can duplicate. When it does work its so random I cant find the common thread. What did I do that time which was different? Seems to depend on my uke as well. On the bright side I guess I am a good uke at this since everyone seems to be able to trow me around like a rag doll ( even my girlfriend that dosent even do aikido. DOH!)

So what do you do mentally and physical when extending. Tips like the ball thing are good but what are tricks like that actually doing?

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