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I think (?) I attend the same dojo as the persons posting above and this has indeed been going on since I started a few years ago.

If the originator of this post is from the same dojo as us, or if not, I would like to know if you have been successful in contacting Goldsbury and/or Wolk sensei's regarding this matter. If so, would you please post what the outcome has been, if any?

Should we follow by contacting Wolk sensei or just continue watching students be taken advantage of by collecting federation dues from them, and the money goes to the CI? I would even say it goes to the CI not the dojo, but o.k. I did say it.

At least the orginator is moving to another state, I am moving to another dojo within the same state, however, I still belive that my current CI should submit to the USAF the dues that I have paid for the past few years. Is this to petty to ask?
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