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David Valadez (senshincenter) wrote:
David Y, and others,

Not to keep patting ourselves on the back, but...

[ ... ]

No mirror comes from the polished brick.
Bruce, you're back !

We missed* you !


* will aim more carefully next time

Paul Sanderson-Cimino wrote:
I notice one criticism is that, say, people don't just curve their mune-tsuki to hit the person who's moved to the side.

I'm not sure it would be appropriate to do this, at least not when the practice style being used (as it often is, for beginners) is a very step-by-step one.

Could someone more knowledgeable please elaborate on this subject?

I.e., "Not 'dutifully' striking where they were standing 24 hours ago".

I am not more knowledgeable, but I will elaborate on the way how I understand it.

When the attack is done at close-to-realtime speed, you are physically not capable of "curving" much.

However if the nage moves too early, you can still adjust the direction of the punch before it becomes unchangeable.

If both practitioners choose to practice slowly, then they both need to simulate the energy and behavior of the encounter as if it was done at fast speed.

At that point, the uke may INDEED strike the point at which nage was "24 hours ago", as long as neither is cheating the "virtual laws" of this "slow-motion simulation".

And constantly adjusting the direction of the punch in such a "simulation" would be indeed breaking the laws of physics that this "simulation" aims to imitate.

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