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I went to a jiu jitsu school the other night, strongly influenced by Mochizuki Sensei's "Yoseikan" budo style.

They played an unusual game that I can only describe as "Simon Says Randori" which I'm looking to try out at my next intermediate-level class.

It's a nice way to practice strategies of defending against a random attack, and reminded me of the game Simon Says.

"Simon Says" Randori
The teacher stands out the front. There are two rows of students - one looking at the teacher (call it the "Uke Row") and one row unable to see the teacher ("Nage Row").

The teacher makes an obvious mimic of an attack which the Uke Row undertakes. The Nage Row then does any technique to defend themselves against Uke.

After a while, Uke and Nage Rows swap around.

I thought this game was a cool way to introduce Randori in a fairly controlled fashion. The teacher dictated what the next attack should be, the frequency which attacks were laid onto Nage, and there were no worries for the Nage about where the next attack is coming from.

The game can extend to having more than one uke, weapons etc.

Can anyone suggest other methods to introduce Randori concepts?

Liam - Uni of Western Australia Aikido
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