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P.S. I have taken great pleasure in reading Mr. Ledyard's post.

Few things are more upsetting than a non-beginner uke that is twice as large than me, who

a) Gives a yokomen attack with power which would barely squish a fly on the wall. In fact, it may not.

b) "Dutifully" strikes the spot I was initially seen in 24 hours ago.

c) Seems noticeably upset at my committed attacks (where I actually follow his movement), which he probably interprets as some sort of abuse.
Aikido is an art of peace and harmony, after all. (/sarcasm)

d) Does not realize that if I start giving him the same type of attack as he is giving me, he will have to start muscling his way through; also doesn't realize that the reason I'm not doing this is because I don't want this to become some sort of antagonism or competition.

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