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Re: Holes in the Real Attack

David Valadez (senshincenter) wrote:
When we consider the infinity which we are dealing with on the street, we can see that the specialized practices and techniques of various other arts (e.g. karate, boxing, etc.) are in themselves no less ideal than are tsuki, yokomen-uchi, or shomen-uchi.
The above statement just completely discredited the validity of anything you may write on the subject.

I stopped reading your post at this point.

Btw, I myself of the opinion that Aikido attacks should be practiced as they are, but with sincerity and speed.

I'm going to do my best to give you a shomen uchi or mune tsuki as if I am actually striving to hurt you with it.

The slow motion slaps that a lot of people do for yokomen attack, or the gentle caressing of the forehead that some people think is shomen uchi, are what invalidates the training for both uke and nage.

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