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So, if we are not producing people with greater 'sprituality', better morals, better self defence skills, happier, or better general health over other activities, what has aikido got to offer the world that is different or better than anything else?

Sometimes I see people write things like "if only everyone in the world practiced aikido". Why??

If you pick any one 'goal' of aikido it seems that you can find something that achieves that goal faster, other than "being very good at aikido"

Here is a scenario. You have got 100 new students joining a university, and have 5 minutes to 'sell' your aikido club along with the other 30 clubs there. What is the selling point for aikido, vs the running club, karate, meditation classes, art club etc.

Maybe this is why aikido clubs often struggle to grow very large? What are we offering that makes it a 'must have'?

just rambling out loud...


Justin McCarthy
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