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Matt Banks
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You said that an Aikido instructor got whopped by a bjj guy. That was because he was fighting him at his own game. Let me explain. A tae kwon doe guy could kick someone in the head better than a bjj or aikido guy , if that was the objective. I bet when they faught they started on there knees and had to immediately go to the clinch. By the same token, at a masters day we went to , the bjj abd gjj guys were terrible at weapon defence, grabbing the knife and trying to drag them to the floor, not a good idea. Being stab by the wooden tanto many times. And they had nothing to offer on multiple attacks either, which from a self defence point of view is much more inportant than anything else. I read in a magazine survey (in a police station) that most attcks on people where done by more than one person on the attacker. True most rare 1v1 fights go to the floor due to the fact that both participants in these situations want to continue the fight. But in reality a fight is over in 3 seconds also in the survey, and then the participants flee the site of the incident. That is the main thing we train for in aikido. One attack one tecniqe then leave. Incidently the soke of our club before he died, gained his top students, by them saying they could take soke out, and when they failed miserabley they took up aikido, ill post my story of this at a later date.

Matt Banks

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