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Jonathan Lyons (Veers) wrote:
Greg...what do you do from shomen uchi ikkyo? I told my sensei about "The grip Sis has on you during the pin for shomen uchi ikkyo is new to me." and he goes "maybe he's new?" I told him no but didn't know what you meant by that.
Heh. No, I'm not new.

We use a palm down grip top of both the elbow and wrist. Some people take their grips off and put tegatana at the elbow and wrist.

The grip your sister has is common for katatedori ikkyo or for <take your pick> nikyo omote (sometimes before transitioning to the upright hand-in-crook-of-elbow nikyo pin).

I've trained with 30-some-odd different instructors across the U.S. and have never seen anyone do shomenuchi ikkyo the way your sister has it in the picture. Katatedori ikkyo, yes, shomenuchi, no.

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