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jin wrote:

[b]Alcohol/drugs and adrenaline have an effect on how someone reacts, not just ki. How do you disrupt someones "PCP"?[/B}

Yes they do, but I vaguely knew the guy causing trouble. He did not take drugs, I can assure you. 'PCP' as you describe isn't an easy thing to come by in my neck of the woods. Also I was in the bar longer than him, and observed that he could only have consumed three beers. I'm only refering to the situation on this night.

As far as pressure points, it's helped me escape having to tap-out during BJJ practice. A nice stiff finger in the ribs will work, but I'm not so sure about in a real life situation w/adrenaline.

Don't take my word for it, visit and take a look at their forum for some real life, with adrenaline applications. Be open minded in your training, it's not easy to pull off Aikido/BJJ throws, locks submissions ect.. on the street either - unless that's how you train, and even in that case, it's still not easy, just 'easier'.

And, I think it would take just as long to learn effective pressure point use as it would to learn effective technique. People often think that there's some magical point on the human body, and if I only knew where it
was... It's not that easy.

Yes it does. There are no magical points, but there are ones who's use dates back thousands of years. Points that have been documented and maticulously tested. They merely require training, which as you state is not easy. Neither is my Aikido training. In fact, I don't think it would be worth investigating if it wasn't easy!
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