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Louis Amberg wrote:
you dont make any sense huh? what does me not stepping on the mat have anything to do with seans politeness? aikido teaches you to respect others and I feel his statements were smartass...respecting others and their opinions and what aikido is of the mant aspects of it anyways...

The rule on these forums is to treat each other with respect, but our opinions are not afforded the same protection.

I considered your opinion to be a bit half-baked, and I was excercising my right to say so. (In fact, it didn't even seem to be an opinion as such, just so much regurgitated second-hand information.) That is what debate and discussion is. But in doing so I was endevouring to treat you personally with respect.

I guess you dont understand the distinction, since in reply you went straight for immature (and rather feeble) personal abuse. Ah well.

Not everybody's opinion on what "aikido is about" carries equal weight. For your information, reading a few websites and maybe a book or two, and having a single conversation with your local instructor does not constitute "length research" [sic].

There are people posting here (I'm not one of them, btw.) who've been training hard for decades, now that is lengthy research.

There are also complete beginners and even 'not-yet' beginners like yourself making valid and interesting contributions. Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from reading their posts and contrasting them to your own.


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