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Sean Orchard (deepsoup) wrote:

Who on Earth do you think you're talking to? You're not well informed, you have misunderstood much, and you are delivering a lecture on a forum frequented by people who are very well informed indeed.

On the subject of competition, why not check out the search facility, you'll find there have been several lengthy threads in the past.

Congratulations on finding a dojo; now that you're beginning to do some training, why not post on things you actually experience. (If you'll read the forums a bit, you'll find there are quite a few beginners who make valuable contributions to the forum.)


I dont like the manner you are talking in boy...aikido teaches you to respect others...Im not misunderstood because ive done length research on it...I even asked the instructor at the dojo arent there competitions in aikido and he said no and he explained it to me...have respect for your peeps boy...
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