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What is truth and how do you know it when you find it?

If anyone can answer those two simple questions then they should ascend to a realm of beings higher than mere mortals.

Please do not confuse science and religion. One is based on percieved facts (science) and the other is based on faith. Not all religion can be disproved by science. And ever since the death of Galileo for claiming that the Earth orbited the Sun religion had better stay out of the realm of science.

If science and religion clash on issues, ie creationism verses darwinism then only a person can decide for themselves. No one can dictate unto anyone the feelings of their heart. Your beliefs are personal and private. I think it is a shame that we attach feelings of "I'm right and you're wrong" to belief systems. I am a devoted Christian but I admire the beauty of Taoism.

And for all you philosophers out there who want to get into the subject of belief and existence, you are wasting your time. What is, is, what is not, is not. And all the proof that you can state is just a personal belief.

We believe in facts and theories and sooner or later other facts and theories arise to challenge the ones we believe in. There is still a society today that espouses the belief that the world is flat. Go figure.

Best of luck finding truth.


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