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Chad Emerson (C. Emerson) wrote:
I agree Louis, All I'm saying is that if you would speak to an instructor or master. They would tell you that they are involved in any martial art for more than the reason of self defense. Confidence, esteem, interest, spirituality, what ever. I think that the self defense issue is a common one in the begining.
I think with some people chad they first take up a martial art for self-defense reasons, but as they get into it they realize that it can be a spiritual thing for them as well...I dont discriminate against anyone that is taking martial arts for whatever reason(s) they choose...I agree with you when you said self-defense is a common thing in the beginning, but as I said above, the more you get into it, the more you value the other aspects of martial arts like you said spirituality, self-esteem, motivation, speak the truth tho chad...
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