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Ben wrote:
None of you have met me and none of you have seen me, yet I am here. I know this, yet you do not, because your physical senses cannot percieve me. Nevertheless, the fact that I am writing produces stronger evidence of my existence that anyone could produce of my non-existence. In other words, your belief that I am here must be entrely based upon the fact that these words appear on your computer monitor. You acknowledge that I am here because you see my works, not because you see me.
Such is it with God.
"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are
clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made,"
Romans 1:20
If you want information on the evidence of God, feel free to contact me personally at I guarantee that I can produce significantly more evidence proving the existence of a God than anybody could produce disproving the existence of a God. And if the scales are tipped to the left, would not a wise man say that the left side is heavier?

Now, to attempt to tie this in to aikido: Especialy when combating multiple opponents, it is unwise to underestimate your allies or your foes. Whether you see them in front of you or not, they might be there.
Ben Nagy
I should have stayed away. I knew better than to get involved and I tried, I really tried.

When I was a little boy, presents magically appeared, cookies were munched on and milk was drunk. All evidence of Santa Claus. Personally, I have not searched every inch of the North Pole so Santa could actually be hiding up there. Lastly, my parents have never admitted to any treachery, and they seem to be good people, so all the evidence still points to there being a Santa Claus.

I cannot disprove Santa Claus.

We've had thunder and lightning in the past. Despite the analysis of weather patterns and science it doesn't disprove that Thor was in a pissy mood and felt like frying a telephone pole or 2. Why telephone poles? Apparently the God of Thunder works in mysterious ways. With a little research I could find as much proof for the Nordic mythology or any other mythology as you can for your mythology.

Actually, research will get in the way. I'm going to stick with "just because".
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