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Re: proper distance in action

returning to the original question... ;-)
James Vadakin (jvadakin) wrote:
How the heck do you limit your adversary to the one distance that works best for Aikido? Do we just concede the other ranges that are not compatible with our techniques? Is that a huge disadvantage? Thanks in advance for your help!
I not 100% sure to be honest (see "More fun with kids thread)

I *suspect* it has to do with being comfortable with all ranges and thus being able to dictate the action as you wish. Naturally enough, this entails learning abt kicks, punches, grappling etc. (cross training)

Or think of it like this -

Man grabs wrist and swings a wild punch

James can -


enter and attempts hiji kudaki

throw man with taiotoshi

James choose hiji kudaki

Man wriggles out

James can -





James throws

Man holds onto James and drags him onto the floor

James can -

establish knee ride and strike

stand up and run away

etc etc etc

Different ranges blending.
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