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I couldn't tell you where to buy one because as a custom woodworker I make everything myself. I once made a full size automobile with all wooden parts. It had wooden wheels, wooden gears and pistons, wooden hoses and a wooden battery. Unfortunately it wooden start.
All levity aside, one thing of importance when purchasing or making wooden weapons is that wood has a grain pattern due to the annual growth rings, branches, etc. When wood is sawn it normally gets cut through these grain lines. This causes a compromise in structural integrity. In order to have a superior weapon the wood must be split along the grain. This way the wood will show you along which lines it is the strongest, and the chances of the final product splitting are minimized. The best way to do this is with a froe and mallet (available through most specialty woodworking stores), but it also works to start a split in the end of a log and then complete the split with the axe held with the handle parallel to and the head intersecting the length of the log. Then just gradually pry the wood apart.
Ben Nagy

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