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Carl Simard wrote:
I would certainly not called it "safe distance". If you just want to keep a "safe distance", you just stay out of range of your opponent... You may not be able to do any technique, but you will be at the "safest distance" posssible...
That's just what ma ai is isn't it? Both Peter and I stated that above, the point at which uke has to initiate a move in order to atack, i.e. just out of his range.

With regards to safe distance, I was just speculating on some thoughts that came to me as I was writing my perspective of ma ai, not necessarily trying to redefine the definition . To maintain ma ai between you and uke at all times, you will be moving in harmony with him, i.e. he moves, you move (not necessarily in the same direction or at the same speed). If you keep this up, he will be unable to land an attack, therefore ma ai is effectively safe (if only for that moment in time).

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