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I'll second Kyri's opinion. I take aikido because I like to apply it to helping others, making my work life easier to manage.

When I was a counselor as a kid in highschool, we had a major rule, among others: Don't let someone else's problems become your own. Later, my sensei said something similar: Don't play uke's game.

Those lines said, if I don't have "Phil", I can't do all the neat stuff in class. So, if you can't protect yourself first, how can you protect others, help others, and so on.

I know we're treading a bit off-topic, but I think it's worth noting that you can (and need) to be able to protect yourself, and at the same time, learn/enhance the values you're looking to change (if any). It's worth noting because we can easily miss the most basic benefit of aikido, the physical, self-defense level.


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