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Jonathan Lyons (Veers) wrote:
Louis...your question makes me thing of such horrible assumptions like all Americans are gas-guzzling war mongers...or all Japanese are polite...or all French are panzies...etc. etc.

I've not even tested for my first ranking, so I can't answer with experience...but I'll take a guess and say that passing the test by doing the technique(s) and passing the test by knowing what you're doing are in two seperate galaxies.

However, rank in aikido isn't really like rank in other martial's not a "ha, I can beat you!" thing (or shouldn't be...). I see it as more of a personal indicator of your progress...

I think if you're real with yourself you wouldn't test until you felt ready for it...instead of jumping at the test as soon as you've learned the X number of techniques required.

(Oh, and by the way, the word for "aikidoists" is "aikidoka")
aikidoists sounds better
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