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Self-defense is always an acceptible motivation. Bout you have to be absolutely certain that Aikido is the right method to reach that goal. Steven Segal is 1) a high-ranking black belt and 2) an actor. Personally, I wouldn't take Aikido for self-defense (good thing that wasn't my original motivation too!) You'll become proficient in using Aikido for self-defense purposes in... about 10 years. Aikido is a high-level art, both technically and morally, and it completely overlooks the nasty, brutal, and often necessary basics of hitting back at whoever is attacking you. (The Aikido "I don't want to hurt my partner" mindset that you often find does not work so hot for building self-defense skills. At ALL.) I suggest taking something else too, a soft style like Kung Fu or what have you (hard styles and Aikido don't mix well), so that you can be able to handle yourself within a relatively short (compared to Aikido) period of time. When you have those basics of attack and defense down, and you have confidence (couKIghs) and focus because you know you can handle yourself, then Aikido may just work out great for you and help to further any ability you develop as a martial artist.

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