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I have a good question for all your aikidoists

I always wondered this and if you can please give me your insight on this question...just because someone is a higher rank in aikido does that mean he is a better/stronger/more experienced martial artist than say someone is who has a less degree black in aikido? for instance, say a 4th degree black belt went up against steven seagal who is a 7th degree black belt being the higher degree black belt does that mean he is a better aikidoist than the 4th degree? this goes for anyone in whatever martial art they practice in...lets say a 5th degree black belt in tae kwon do against a 7th degree black belt like seagal... do higher ranks necessarily mean anything? I always thought the higher rank was the better martial artist and more knowledgable, but now I think differently...please give me your insight on this question thanks...
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