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Drew Ames (jxa127) wrote:
Bryan is saying it better than I am. I think you're talking about the proper starting ma-ai. To my mind, that is the ideal distance for technique. But, once we start technique, we should still have proper distance compared to uke, and that will vary depending on what we're doing.
After talking to some Japanese kendo people, some of who saw the thread, I'll stay with my definition. Haven't talked to more senior Aikido people yet but I doubt that would change things.

Both Dave and I come from a similar Aikido background (Kenji Tomiki) so its no surprise that our view is close. Kenji Tomiki held stratospheric dan ranks in Judo, Aikido and Kendo so his definitions tend to encompass the whole range rather than be particular to one art. Maybe that's the problem.

In our system there is an exercise called Tegatana Awase where ma ai is maintianed during very dynamic movement. This can be done unarmed or with weapons. For me especially - terms like starting ma ai just don't make sense. Sorry.

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