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Carl Simard
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Bryan Bateman (batemanb) wrote:
Ma ai is usually defined as "correct distance", how about describing it as safe distance (not a literal translation of course)? Many people consider Ma ai to be the starting point, as you mentioned above, the point at which one or other has to take a step to initiate an attack, therefore it can also be considered safe distance. If uke attacks and I do irimi to the blind side, I have moved up close and personal to uke, but, at that point in time it is a safe distance because he couldn't hit me without moving. Just a thought.
I would certainly not called it "safe distance". If you just want to keep a "safe distance", you just stay out of range of your opponent... You may not be able to do any technique, but you will be at the "safest distance" posssible...

Applying a technique to an opponent always have a part of risk... Everything may go OK, but you may also do it wrong and get your *ss kicked...

So, no, I will not define ma ai as "safe distance".
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