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Carl Simard
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Dave Miller wrote:
In terms of maintaining ma'i when in a live-fight situation, it's just something you have to work on and practice in order to maintain. You should never let your feet get planted but rather keep moving all the time, controling when uke crosses ma'i. This is where randori becomes very important in terms of practical self-defense training and something that should be practiced regularly with both single and multiple ukes, depending on your skill level.
Quite agree with Dave. You have to maintain the right distance for you by moving in or out...

This right distance isn't something that can be teach (in the sense "right distance is x feet/meters/steps). You learn it by training, training, and again more training...

By the way, the other will also try to get you at his proper distance... For example, a kicker may like to keep some distance but may become quite inconfortable at close range...

Thus, you take the proper range for the situation...
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