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Just one or two things about Christianity destroying and polluting the earth because this was part of the first post, too.
As far as I know, every highly developed culture no matter what religion or time has set out to colonize, oppress and exploit other people. The Egyptians took the better part of north and middle Africa, the Babylonians took Israel, the Romans all of the world that was known at this time, the Atztecs ruled Middle America,... And all of this cultures started to pollute and destroy their environment. The Sahara became as big as it is because of the Romans cutting down the big forests of North Africa to build ships for their navy. One of the reasons the Maya culture simply vanished is that they destroyed their environment ( I don't know whether this is right but I think it was a drinking water problem). This list could go on for mega bytes. Even in the 20th century colonies were not only given their independence but new were made e.g. the Japanese taking Korea.
So, Christians are not even the last in the row.

love, Anne

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