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I am the originator of this post, not the other annon's and it's not at all about the rank. As I have said before, that is not what is important. The reason why I started this was the CI of my school took monies from me that were to go to the federation, the federation I thought I was a member of for the 5+ years since I started. Regardless if I tested or not, I would have paid the membership annually REGARDLESS! I just do not think that it is fair to me or the others at the dojo where I currently train, to be paying an annual fee to be a part of a federation that in reality they are not. That is not good business sense, that is not good AIKI sense.

It seems although you keep talking about rank as if it's nothing, your post are always about RANK.

I was just asking for opinions/help in this situation and wondered if others have encountered this in thier federations or the same. I do not think it is fair at all for a CI of a school to ask for monies from his students and say it is for annual fedeation dues and then the dues do not go to the federation. I never said the dojo was not part of the federation. My comment is that the CI of the school only pays for his annual federation dues, and then the dues of the students that he has taken monies from all the years, but does not submit them until it is time for them to test for shodan and above. I have watched and watched and kept silent, but with my moving, I feel that (not talking about rank here) the CI should send the monies to the USAF for the years that I have been paying. That is all, bottom line.

As a side note, I have attended seminars with Y. Yamada at your dojo's annual event in LBI.

I just prefer not to disclose the CI or the school where I train, if I wanted to, then I would not be posting here. Anonymous

As for the annony comment -- helplessly bad with paperwork.. aaahhh.. then the CI should have the students write the checks out to the USAF instead of to the dojo and then save them (the checks and paperwork) for the day the CI gets the paperwork together, and not have to find funds that the CI used in error!
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