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Re: Member of USAF or not?

() wrote:
I have been a member, or I thought I was a member, of the USAF for over 5 years. Each year I have tested at my dojo and I have paid my testing fee to the Chief Instructor and each year filled out the appropriate papers to be submitted to the federation. Well, 5 years later and a bit peeved, I find out that I have never been registed with the USAF, the Chief Instructor has not been submitting any paperwork for the past 5 years. I do not have a USAF membership number and I plan to move to another state next month. What happens when I go to the new dojo and say that I'm a first kyu and a member of the USAF, but in reality I am not? I have brought this topic up the the chief instructor each year, and he is one, non-approachable, and then he says he'll get back and he doesn't. Other members are upset about this as well. What is the proper way to go about clearing up my membership with the federation.

Any help/suggestion would be appreciated!!!
Your post is truly astonishing. You have been paying testing and affiliation fees for FIVE YEARS and now you find that you are not even a member! Have you thought of a lawsuit?

I am the Chairman (i.e., the place where the buck stops) of a large international aikido federation and our financial operations are audited on a regular basis. We expect the same financial rigour from member federations, even at the local dojo.

In your case the very least that should happen is that you receive some acknowledgment from your federation that the matter is being looked into, also with some indication of when it will be resolved. Can you prove that you have paid the various fees over these five years?

You are at liberty to contact me privately via the e-mail address in my profile.

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