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Bruce Baker
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I am sorry that you have been ripped off, anonymous, but in the light of reality, if you have tested under the USAF tests, and passed, I don't see why going to a properly run USAF dojo with a teacher who is certified by this organization could not quickly establish you kyu rank in short order?

I am a pain about testing, because I don't want to test .... I just want to practice as I too am not a young spring chicken anymore. I don't see what the big deal is?

If you train at another dojo, other than USAF, they will evaluate your skills and make you test at what they think your skill level is anyway, won't they?

I know not all organizations recognize rank from other organizations. For instance, third of forth dans in one style will wear their black belt or uniform from their former style when they start practice, but most revert to white belt when full practice is assumed and they progress through the Kyu ranks rather quickly.

I don't see any real problem except that you will have to retest at the last test level to show you have those skills to retain that ranking in the USAF organization, but this is up to Y. Yamada shihan, as he has final say.

Where are you moving to?

It might be in your best interest to research the dojo's in your area, their teachers, and the history of that dojo's links with whatever organization it is affiliated to?

I hate to say it, but there are politics, even in the USAF, and there are certain teachers who have Yamada shihans attention more than others, but for good reasons. Reasons that support Aikido, keep abreast of what is changing by going periodically to NYC Dojo, and continually interacting with other dojos though seminars, and as a guest teacher for other than their home dojo.

Just as Rachel has stated, I would be glad to put you onto these fine gentlemen, or ladies, should you move to the New Jersey / Philadelphia area.
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