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this is quite the great thread we've got on our hands here...

I must echo the previous posts, especially that of Anne, by saying that I too have often tried to separate faith from religion. My faith is totally separate from my religion... as far as my faith goes, I don't much care if you say it's wrong and bad and I'm headed for damnation... my faith is entirely personal, and therefore I am not as open to talk about it. However, if you say that the Christian church has problems, I'd probably agree with you... just turn to channel 17 and look at the "priests" promising salvation for the measly fund of $700... Many times I compare the Christian church to the budo, but not because I view the budo as any sort of religion. More because, I see many kinds of identical mindsets in both. To the outsider, both look rather silly, very esoteric and something that one could most certainly do without and still lead a healthy life. And many do. There are frauds who call themselves ministers, there are frauds who call themselves budo sensei. However, if you look deeper, find a good place to practice your faith or budo, with a group of people that you enjoy, the experiences and enjoyment you receive from it most certainly cannot be measured by science.


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