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Roger Mouton wrote:
Another martial art that uses a light-heal foot technique is Fencing.
Did a bit of that in university - damm was I bad.

When people talk about the paper thin wedge it is imagery - what they mean is probably better described as Roger did. Weight is not distributed evenly but rather forward.


You don't plan the lurch - you are sensitive to timing and ma ai and MOVE when the situation demands it. A rooted stance is not going to give you that level of responsiveness. Lurch is probably not the best word to use as it denotes a certain clumsiness but you watch a good Shodan or just about any Nidan (don't need 5th Dan for this Ron) in the Shodokan system you will see the speed, grace and pure explosiveness of tsukuri.

Coincidently I have been introducing tsukuri to my beginners over the last few weeks mainly to get their tanto attacks to have a bit more bite. Nishio-san may be seriously cute when she is tanto (well anytime but I digress) but you want to cry with the timidity. Huge improvement once she undertood how to explode.

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