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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jesus practiced aikido too...

DiNalt wrote:
Erik wrote:
I can prove to you that a person can highfall in exactly the time it takes me to hit the ground. I can replicate that process with you. It does require faith but it ain't the same thing.
I'm sorry but I have trouble understanding what you mean by this.
Could you explain ?

You can logically evaluate the evidence (seeing me highfall) and conclude that you or someone else can do it. This will get even easier the more people you see high fall. There is evidence that it can be done and we can pile evidence on top of evidence.

With Christianity there is no proof of god. There is no methodology for meeting god. There is no evidence of god. There is nothing. Hence, belief in god requires an act of faith for no other reason than you believe. Just because, rather than seeing it with your own eyes.
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