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Ron Tisdale
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Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
If there's a sensible explanation for physics-defying biomechanics in the book, and you understand it, why not summarize?
a) you can read

b) I don't do physics, nor do I play a physicist on tv

c) Note: I said "your 'physics'"...

d) I have no intent on getting into one of the pissing matches you regularly engage in (in my opinion only, I'm sure you're a very nice guy)
As far as the pudding goes, how am I going to be able to tell if their heels are a paper-width high off the ground? I could imagine working something out with high-speed video, force plates, and possibly computer analysis tools, but I'm afraid I have neither the qualifications nor the equipment.
Ah, not qualified? hmmm...

And I am not the one who talked about "paper-width" anything...
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