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Thanks all; it seems the dream has had one positive physical effect: my ukemi's improved in the last week. I always kinda figured I was fairly relaxed when rolling; actually now that I look at it I was fairly tense in the shoulders and back - the old 'protect the knees' thing. I've been doing a LOT of ukemi in the past week; and I've found I have less nervousness about hitting the mat; which seems to have bred better positional awareness (knowing where I am through the roll). End result: Last week; I was mainly concerning myself with developing 'perfect' rolls; i.e. proper body position, arms, legs in the right spot, etc. Now; I'm just sort of relaxing into it; just letting myself collapse in the direction my body's already going. Seems to work; my rolls are a lot less square; my stability is improved as well. Dunno if this is a result of the dream or the practice it inspired; but whatever it is; I like it.

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