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Jeff Tibbetts
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Dave, I must say that that is one cool story. The dream itself is cool, but I think what happened when you woke up is the real meat of the story. I think that once in a while people can experience something like what or who they are without their self-imposed limitations. That's what this sounds like to me. It's not that your body can't do a cartwheel, but you know that you can't do a cartwheel. It's not true, clearly, but you make it so. I don't mean this personally, but everyone is like this. One of the guys in our Dojo once said about his little newborn boy, to paraphrase; "he doesn't know that he isn't strong enough to lift something, so that makes him very very strong." I think that is a fundamental truth that is easy to forget, and having remembered is almost impossible to reach that point again. We think we know our limits, and for many reasons our mind won't let us push them too far. Under shock and an adrenaline rush we can do amazing things, but that means that our bodies have the potential to do those things all the time. Sure there may be chemicals and such involved, but it's there just under the surface. It's a great things that you experienced a moment of real freedom there, and I think you should really look into it and see what you can learn from it. Let us know what you think about it in a week or so!

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