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Jesus practiced aikido too...

Does anyone recognize this quote?.. "Aikido is the religion that is not a religion; it perfects and completes all religions."

I grew up around a religious family and at around age 15 I felt the same way about religion as you perhaps do.

During my childhood, I was phisicaly forced to attend church on a regular basis. I was put under a load of guilt from my family and church members. I had no real reason to become a better person except to avoid God's wrath. This was not a fun way to live. I started to seriously hate the church (and all forms of christianity)and God and Jesus and anything that had to do with religion in general. I became a serious problem for my parents and my family.

The christian religion didn't answer anything for me at all. There were no real concrete explanations on why we exsist, what God really is, where did the universe come from, and how did those guys in the Bible do all those miracles. The only answer they gave me was: we believe because of faith, God is a mighty being, God made the earth in 7 days, Moses was in God's favor (that's why he could part the sea) God made man and the universe.. THE END

Christianity was quite shallow to me. I needed scientific proof of all this. Then I discovered Aikido, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of indepth explanation and physical proof of all the questions I had about life. I came to the conclusion that Jesus was an aikido master. He used the same principles, Aikido is God's way.

I suggest that you don't attend a church. Instead, practice aikido, study aikido (read about it). Empty your mind of all past opinions of religion, because your opinions were formed from negative sources. Just imagine this; What kind of opinion would you have about Aikido if you only saw the sorriest example of an Aikido practitioner and that's it?

Don't force yourself to make a decision about religion, don't let yourself feel like you must make a choice. The answer will float to you. Eventually, you will feel confortable about any decision you make.

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