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Smile Aiki-Christianity

I am loving this thread! It is a wonderful thing to walk the halls of other people's minds! Thanks to all!Ian: "It is worth considering that questioning your own beliefs are good and it can lead to one of two things; an abandonment of those beliefs, or a refinement of those beliefs. "

This is entirely true. Again I see a comparison between this and aikido. I am guessing that at least a few of you know of Fumio Toyota Sensei- Founder and Chief instructor of Aikido Assoc. of America. My sensei passed this teaching of Toyota Sensei on: We were doing repeated sword cuts (can't think of or find the Japanese term just now). One wall of our dojo is a mirror and as we faced it (perfect for lining up where the sword needs to cut your uke) we were instructed to think of cutting ourselves. When your body hurts, cut that weakness out. Think of times when you have NOT responded with love 'ai' in the past to others, cut that evil from your life etc... It was a very refreshing experience. Enlightening even.

Think of it.

It seems to me that the main problem that the young man who started this thread is having with Christianity is not so much Christianity, but the attitudes that some of the adults in his life have toward other people. I would ask: is their Christianity REALLY the problem or their attitudes? And are there attitudes a function OF their Christianity?


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