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Hanna Björk (Hanna B) wrote:
Quite often, the word "styles" refers to organisations. Everything that has not left Aikikai, is Aikikai... elthough some subfractions certainly are styles of their own, from a technical point of view.
Some might call Aikikai a style, but others may consider it an organization which has many different styles. Witness Iwama Style, which is part of the Aikikai organization but given a distinct identity.

Another way of looking at style is by calling it hard - linear motion, or soft - circular motion. In the Chinese Arts it could be distinguished by geography, e.g. Northern or Southern Style.

While some people would consider a unifying principle or philosophy the distinguishing identity for different types of Aikido, that is more a reflection of the person making the distinction. The person who uses the word style should be questioned more closely to reveal what is the basis for this judgement.

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