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aarjan wrote:
My teacher has send me on this quest so can anyone help me with the Japanese term for the arm stretch where you place your arm straight in front of you, palm of your hand faces up and with your other hand you pull your fingers down in a circular motion.

I know they do it also in Shiatsu.

It feels great. Try it.
Hi aarjan! Well we do it in our dojo every day, but we don't call it anything, we just do it if you know what I mean, but what catherine was trying to say and that may be the name, if any, is "katate osae", but that doesn't fit does it. Or maby it does, what does the rest of you think. I mean "katate osae" is something like "technique of one hand" isn't it.

Anyway that's my help on the matter

Jakob Blomquist
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