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At first this post did not interest me, but the more I read I realized that it does present a fascinating question.

In ASU we have a number of instructors with unique , distinct 'styles'. Yet we are all students of Saotome Sensei. One of the attractions of ASU is that Sensei allows each of his instructors the freedom to express his own identity through his teaching as long as he adhears to the correct principles.

Hooker Sensei is quite original, built like a bull, short, powerful, direct but now leaning to gentle almost to a fault. McPeck Sensei is also short, but is very slight, and though equally powerful is an amazing escape artist. Big men have a really tough time doing his aikido. I am tall, big, powerful and from a background of other fighting arts - and that comes out in my teaching as I focus on what 'works' and don't dwell on mysticism and mystique.

Each of us is different yet we are a distinct 'style' that is ASU. If anything could be said to unite us it is that we all adhere to Saotome Sensei's principles.

Daniel G. Linden
Author of ON MASTERING AIKIDO (c) 2004
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