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Actually, I thought I heard Goto Sensei say "katai", but I saw "kotai" in "Traditional Aikido" and thought I'd heard wrong.

When I got the wording from Goto Sensei, we were in a large metal building with fans running.

Given that environment and that I have far too many rounds of rifle and shotgun going off close to my head, I need to let others speak to what was strictly said.

I like the "solid" far better than the "stiff" that I normally hear.

I'd segued to "rigid" to better convey the feeling I have of precision as opposed to stiffness. As in "rigid application of basics". But that is my own personal opinion.

The "solid" translation gives me the same feeling as I was looking for. I'll use it in the future.

The compound "kotai keiko" is my own lack of language skills coming out.

Goldsbury Sensei and Jun, thank you so much. In many ways, Aikido-L and now these forums greatly enhance my knowledge base.


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