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Good for you!

The sour coments were from Anonymous 2.

Let us know what the USAF says, especially since you can show that you paid your annual dues. And make sure that you let Yamada Shihan know what's going on.

You should also have no trouble at your new dojo. The worse case is that you'd have to take one more test. My way of handling this has been to simply have students coming from unrecognized groups take a test where I'd call out techniques from fifth kyu on up, until they hit their limit of knowledge or ability. You also compare them against other students and see where they fit in the ranks. Since you're coming from the same background, you'll probably wind up in the right kyu anyway.

Or the USAF might just clean the slate and recognize you guys.

It always amazes me how something so good can get so screwed up on occasion!

Jim Baker

Norfolk, VA

Jim Baker
Aikido of Norfolk
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